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Bulk Creation of SharePoint Site Columns and Content Types with PowerShell: Part 1

This post is the first in a series detailing the creation of SharePoint Site Columns and Content Types via PowerShell. The series has three parts as follows:

Part 1: Bulk Creating Site Columns with PowerShell

Part 2: Bulk Creating Content Types with PowerShell

Part 3: Bulk Adding Site Columns to Content Types with PowerShell

Bulk Creating Site Columns with PowerShell: Overview The process of manually creating Site Columns in SharePoint can be a tedious process, especially if you follow best practices and truncate the field name before re-editing the Site Column to allow for a friendly display name. This is done to ensure that the internal field name does not contain any spacing characters such as %20. By counting the clicks, you may quickly realize the onset of Carpal Tunnel and start looking for a more efficient method for creating Site Columns. This is where PowerShell comes to the rescue.

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