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This post is the second in a series detailing the creation of SharePoint Site Columns and Content Types via PowerShell. The series has three parts as follows:

Part 1: Bulk Creating Site Columns with PowerShell

Part 2: Bulk Creating Content Types with PowerShell

Part 3: Bulk Adding Site Columns to Content Types with PowerShell

Bulk Creating Content Types with PowerShell: Overview While not as tedious as Site Column creation, manual Content Type creation produces enough workload to demand attention. Whether creating Content Types in the Content Type Hub, or in a decentralized manner across Site Collections, the click count more than warrants using an automated solution via PowerShell.

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  1. yuzo nakano yuzo nakano
    September 17, 2013    

    ?I like to set up this type of a comment column with ability of reply on my website.?Can or anyone write html or javarscript for my website? And if yes, please write email me to discuss about the return for it.


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